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Study Away through Judson


成年美女黄网站色大全 1000部禁片大全免费 日本高清视频网站.&Making the choice to study away can be one of the most life-changing experiences for a student. The administration at Judson University firmly believes this, and that is why they continue to develop a wide variety of opportunities for Judson students to study off-campus. Judson currently offers more than 20 different options for spending a semester away, including such places as England, China, Japan, Russia, Egypt, Uganda, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Costa Rica, and Spain. Our programs also include Stateside programs such as the . For a full list of study away offerings, check out the links above.

成年美女黄网站色大全 1000部禁片大全免费 日本高清视频网站.&At Judson, we encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities because we know that they will come back a better version of themselves - more passionate and more positive about their education and their own ability to make a difference on their campus and in the world. Taste, smell, touch, and see for yourself a world full of different cultures and cultivate the skills you need to put your education into practice!


If you have questions about Study Away programs, please contact Joy Krispin.

Professor Sabbaticals

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